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Our Approach

Milestone is a full-service direct mail marketing company, using
a three-pronged approach to provide solutions to our clients.


We take the time to sit down our clients, get to know them, and look at past and current marketing results. Only then will we recommend a marketing solution.

We analyze the efficiencies of your current marketing program and determine what we can improve. After the analysis of this data, we customize a marketing plan tailored to your company's needs. Typically, we review the last several months of direct mail and data performance with a goal of identifying key attributes, trends and similarities within your client base and past and current campaigns.  

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Business Meeting


After learning about your company and gathering historical data, we will devise key approaches to optimize your marketing performance.


We tie together the entire marketing picture along with your expectations and requirements needed to meet a Cost Per Sale or Acquisition that allows for growth and sustainability.  


The Strategy step is completed after receiving and analyzing your current and past marketing campaigns.  We then meet with our clients to ensure we have a complete understanding of your business and expectations.


Once we have completed the first two steps, we will continue to repeat and track the results, tweaking our approach based of past results.

This is where all of the Analysis and Strategy materialize into a "Prospect DNA" and of course, profit.  Once we have completed these key steps, we duplicate and identify and clone prospects.  Basically, through the entire process we are looking for more buyers that will give you a predictable ROI for your marketing campaign.  


Our clients love our processes and results.
Read more about how we help our clients by visiting our case studies.

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