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Milestone offers numerous data services geared toward helping you get the most out of your existing or newly purchased database.  We understand the importance of clean, legally obtained data.  We also know that when working with data, maintaining the integrity of the record, verifying it in multiple places and double and triple checking is the ONLY way to optimize our client's direct mail programs.  We offer all of the leading and proven data tools, readily available and processed by our own in-house data management team.


MMS Data Hygiene Process.jpg


In our data modeling processes, we analyze your existing customers and then generate new data expand your client base.

Proprietary Regression Model: In this model, we analyze current customer trends while building a standard profile of your ideal prospect to generate new data.

Response Model: In this model, we target the customers that responded previously to your direct marketing efforts.  After analyzing their characteristics, we produce a file that is organized to show the most predictive criteria for maximum direct mail success.

“No mail should ever go out without first letting MMS do their thing.”  

Large Scale VSC Client, Marketing Manager

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