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Since you don't know us yet, here are some recent examples of companies just like yours that we are working with or have helped grow.  Here are just a few of the many examples we have.

He needs help. Frustrated young man in f
The VSC That Couldn't Grow

We approached a company that had plotted along for 8 years in an industry where many players come and go without ever gaining any traction. They had their ups and downs over those years but were in decline in the months leading up to meeting Milestone. Sales had plateaued while acquisition costs were rising. This combination had them headed down a path of uncertainty.  Although they originally were focused on direct mail, they had begun experimenting with outbound dialing and affiliate marketing campaigns in an effort to band-aid the rising cost of their direct mail campaign.

little boxer against bigger one.jpg
Start-Up Competes With the Big Boys

The owner of this company had been a sales guy for other Automotive Marketing Call centers for years and had grown tired of selling hundreds of contracts and only participating in a small portion of the profit.  He decided to take the plunge and go into business for himself.  While he was skilled and experienced on the sales side of the business: closing deals, building a sales teams and getting the most out of his opportunities, he had never put together a marketing campaign.

Concept of anti crisis with businessman
Poised for Growth, pressed for time

Most owners/CEO’s that take the plunge to go into business for themselves wear a lot of hats. This case was no exception. At 20 months young, they had managed to successfully navigate through the “startup” phase of their business putting together a great recipe for generating low cost sales through Direct Mail. Where they struggled, however, was finding the time to Plan and strategize for growth.

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