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The Under Dog

The Case – An Upstart Startup

The owner of this company had been a sales guy for other Automotive Marketing Call centers for years and had grown tired of selling hundreds of contracts and only participating in a small portion of the profit.  He decided to take the plunge and go into business for himself.  While he was skilled and experienced on the sales side of the business: closing deals, building a sales team and getting the most out of his opportunities, he had never put together a marketing campaign.

Make the Phones Ring

Recognizing the need for a trustworthy partner and a comprehensive solution, a mutual industry partner introduced the client to us.  From the outset, the client’s expectations were clear:  Make the phones ring so they can close deals.  We quickly put together a creative and made our list selection based on our industry experience.  We started small, as we often do, but we did have competition from another marketing company he was using.


The client gave us the green light to mail 10,000 pieces and informed us that he would be mailing 10,000 with another provider at the same time.  With ambitious plans for growth, he made it clear that the provider that performed best would earn more of his business.  We quickly developed a mail piece creative.  Using our Milestone Automotive Model, we selected 10,000 records and mailed them out first class so that we could see immediate results.

The Results

Performance usually earns more opportunity and with this client it was especially true.  What started with a one time 10,000 piece test evolved into a great partnership and a very productive client who is now mailing almost 200,000 pieces per week with MMS.

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