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Case Study: Refining the Approach to Maximize Returns

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

67.5% Direct Mail Response Rate Increase in 3 Months in Health Space

Their Challenge

Our client had seen success marketing individual policies, lead generation, and Medicare Advantage plans through a variety of media channels. They relied on direct mail as their main channel for procuring new customers. However, they had experienced a decline in response rates and viable leads, stalling in performance due to a static self-mailer approach that had not been updated in years. That’s when they turned to Milestone’s unique strategies to breathe new life into their direct mail campaigns.

Finding the Target

Our industry leading solutions begin with our modeling process, building customer profiles based on their prospective audience by tapping into hundreds of millions of records in our databases. In addition to clever modeling, we developed an impactful creative with a distinct call to action. Ensnaring the attention of a target is a two-fold endeavor; who are they, and what do they want to see? Milestone makes certain that our direct mail solutions are targeting the most viable candidates with the most effective creative messaging possible. Our performance metrics and continually expanding clientele are evidence of our success.

Our Approach

Throughout this response rehabilitation, our skilled team is constantly monitoring multiple variables for the granular effects on our client’s response rate, cost per acquisition, and other KPI’s. Multi-client longitudinal assessments allow us to monitor changes across the whole industry, allowing us to forecast when additional creative tests will be advantageous.

Milestone has executed numerous, very successful campaigns, but nothing is more effective than having a process to constantly update and refresh what works. To remain vigilant, it is often necessary to implement small but crucial adjustments. This allows Milestone to fine-tune the piece, while avoiding the pitfall of advertisement fatigue.


In the figures below, we can see the clear shift in response rate when Client 1 began to use Milestone’s new creatives and more precise targeting strategy. Over the course of May to July 2021, the response rate increased from 1.54% to 2.58%, marking a 67.5% increase.

Client 1- Quantity Mailed vs. Response Rate


By reducing quantities but refining the target market, our client was able to see a much more impressive return on a smaller budget. Shifting quantities while improving targeting is an important process to refreshing stale campaigns. Our client was able to increase quantities once again after the response rate revival, which was ideally timed for the beginning of Annual Enrollment Period.

Executing creative changes while fine tuning marketing spend for the best Cost per Acquisition is a multi-faceted process that takes an experienced team. Milestone’s direct partnerships with multiple mailhouses allows us to adjust on the fly, with faster turnaround times than any large-scale competitors. Couple this with our industry leading KPI’s, and you have a nimble, but extremely effective marketing operation. Quality data modeling, paired with intentional and meticulous creative design, helps Milestone consistently outperform other firms in the direct mail space.

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