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6 Industries Leading Sales with Direct Mail

We put together the top industries leveraging direct mail to drive their sales. Are you a part of one of these? Are you capturing your audience at the mailbox?

In an increasingly complex digital world, companies are asking where traditional mail fits in their marketing strategy. With demographic targeting getting more refined, many industries are still driving sales through the mail. The tangible experience of receiving an offer isn’t a nostalgic experience, it’s a common tool that works. These six industries are keeping their sales prospects in the hands of the customer:

1. Real Estate

Getting a potential home buyer in the door starts with an agent’s information getting through their door. There are eighty-thousand-dollar fixer uppers and million-dollar mansions, and there’s a buyer out their somewhere. With direct mail, real estate brokers can pinpoint current home or apartment values and give the homeowner a reason to dream bigger.

2. Car Dealerships

Here’s a secret most people know, the dealerships don’t have to sell at MSRP! And that’s why exciting offers can reach people through a number of mediums, but commonly and effectively through direct mail. If it’s one more chance to get the price slashed on last year’s model or a scratch off sweepstakes for lifetime oil changes, dealerships leverage the visual engagement of mail often and well.

3. Schools

At the university or secondary education level, direct mail is being employed to let people know about all the options out there. Parents know the flood of school offerings that come in during the college application season- if it’s a fast-track application or new scholarship offerings- direct mail can push a student to consider an institution. Private and charter high schools have also depended on the mailbox to grow their visibility.

4. Credit Agencies

You’ve probably seen it often. Those ‘Here’s your credit card- activate today’ ads work, and effectively. This tactic has been proven over time and can be applied to many other industries where financing is available. The credit card changed the way we pay for things in the world, and with the advent of cash cards, people are more likely to see a promotional card and know there's some cash coming their way.

5. Auto Insurance and Service Plans

This industry offers so much variability in cost and coverage. If you want to be financially responsible and legally compliant, following the changing rates of these companies is necessary. Direct mail puts the wide ranging offers in your mailbox. If it’s getting the minimum coverage or having insurance bundled with a comprehensive service plan, there’s options to keep your car on the road and get through maintenance issues without stress.

6. Solar Companies

This budding industry is growing massively worldwide, but it’s not feasible for every household at this time. Demographic and home value data is essential to geo-target the ideal customers. Consultations have been done on foot at a major labor cost to the company, but why not let the post office handle the labor? Incentives can be easily expressed via direct mail in this expanding industry.

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